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Do you believe that the Universe is guiding us? Do you believe that we are all part of the same cosmic whole, connected to everything and everyone that exists? Sometimes it may be hard for us to believe this perspective, given that the ego makes us feel so separate from others. Often we go through life feeling like it’s unfair and that we have to suffer alone. We feel in competition with everyone else, like there is not enough happiness or success to go around. What this ego, fear based perspective teaches us, is to be selfish, suspicious and ultimately unhappy.

What if the opposite were true? What if we really are all connected, forming part of a beautiful whole where all beings are of the same spiritual essence? When you think of the universe as divine and perfect, knowing that we are all fundamentally part of the whole, you will trust in infinite possibilities and miracles.  There is an eternal source of abundance that does not run out. There is no such thing as ‘not enough to go around’. All humans have the same birthright to create their lives according to their thoughts and beliefs. The universe is always guiding us, reflecting back to us, what we are expressing with our own individual vibrations.

If you choose to see that we are all connected in the universe, then doesn’t it make sense that whatever we think and believe is echoed back to us? The universe is expansive and expanding, there is interconnectedness and information sharing between everything that exists.

The Universe Communicates

The universe is always speaking to us in its own unique language, which comes in the form of sacred signs and guidance. Sometimes, the universe will even show us warning signs, throwing up obstacles to remind us that we are not currently following the best path in life for our highest good. The universe always has our best interests at heart, so remember that any kind of warning sign is really just a gift in disguise, drawing our attention to lessons we must learn in order to evolve as people and realign with our true paths in life.

The universe communicates with us all the time. If you learn how to tune into your higher self, your divine presence, the real spiritual you – you will find it much easier to notice and translate the different ways in which the universe speaks to us.

When the universe speaks to us, it does not mean you will hear harps and see angels! There is no need to be in a church or a holy temple, religion does not play a part in this. You can be of any belief system in the world and in any country, town or city. The fact is that the universe will show you signs and send you messages wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

People often receive messages from the universe in the midst of the most mundane, everyday tasks. You might be in the shower, chopping vegetables or driving your car. You might be cleaning the floor, or changing diapers or falling asleep. All you have to do is remain open to receiving these signs and messages. They may come in the form of dreams, repetitive number patterns, songs you hear, words, synchronicities, conversations, animals and many other forms of communication.

11 Warning Signs From The Universe

The universe is abundant and infinite. Within it exists the potential for all creation, all possibilities and eventualities. You are a part of this whole, an expression of the universe, an aspect of it manifesting in human form.

When we move away from our inherent divinity, we live life ruled by the ego. The ego causes us to act from a place of lack and fear, we continue making bad choices that hurt others and us. We start to lose touch with our true-life purpose, moving away from what should be our true destiny. We lose our sense of clarity and take action from a place of disconnection.

How can you tell whether you’re following the right path?

The universe will communicate to you in signs. There is no need to worry, the signs are there to help you correct your course and shift your life back towards truth and meaning. The universe is not out to hurt you or cause you fear, the signs that come as warnings will always be only for your highest good.

The signs may come as small nudges or in the form of a big wake up call, depending on what is going on in your life. Whatever signs you receive, remember that they are sent from the universe with love and only your highest good intended. Learn to notice them, receive them and adjust your life accordingly.

Here are 11 of the most common warning signs from the Universe, telling you to re-think what you’re doing:

1.Your Gut Feeling:

Generally speaking, we all know intuitively when we are on the right path. That uneasy, anxious feeling that arises in your stomach is speaking to you. It is saying that what you are doing is not in alignment with your highest self. Pay attention, especially if it doesn’t subside, no matter what you are doing or thinking.

2.Lack of Sleep:

Similar to the instinctive gut feeling, not being able to sleep arises from a deep knowledge that your thoughts and actions are not serving you. If fear and anxiety is circling in your mind as you lie awake, you are likely needing to make some changes in your life.

3.Unexpected delays.

If you miss your plane, train or bus or if something happens to stop you reaching your destination, it could be the universe telling you to stop what you are doing.

4.You lose things.

If something is stolen from you or you misplace something important, it often forces you to wake up to the present moment. In that shock, you become aware of any thoughts or actions that are not serving you.

5.You are repeatedly clumsy.

If you keep tripping over, stubbing your toe or cutting yourself, pay attention to what that could mean. Do you need to slow down and rethink your path?

6.You get sick a lot.

If you keep getting a cold or frequent headache or if being sick keeps you from your work or everyday life, consider that it’s the universe warning you that this path is not the best for you. Physically being unable to continue due to ill health is a clear sign from the universe to slow down and stop.

7.Sense of dread.

If you constantly have that nagging feeling of dread or anxiety, whatever you are doing, pay attention. Your inner self knows if something feels right or not.

8.You have an accident.

This could be one of the more dramatic ways the universe communicates with you. An accident is a real slap in the face to wake up and become aware of what’s going on in your life. Often smaller things precede a larger accident, like fainting or tripping over. These are all little warning signs from the universe to take stock of your life in a calm way.

9.Negative omens.

These are very individual depending on what you believe to be negative omens. Be conscious of how your mind perceives different signs during your day. If you see a huge stop sign where you are normally permitted to drive, or a magpie on the side of the road, that might mean something for you, perhaps the universe is showing you that your decisions are not beneficial for your highest good.

10.You have arguments with people.

This could be either with your loved ones or with random people you come across during your day. If you frequently have disputes with people, consider that your actions are not working positively for you at this time. It might be important to review your decisions.

11.Constant obstacles or roadblocks.

If you feel like life is a constant struggle and you can never get ahead, it might be time to consider that you are not following the most beneficial path. When things are in alignment, the sailing is smooth. For example if you are trying to buy a house and everything about the sale keeps going wrong, it might be time to decide that it’s not the right house for you, or the right time to buy. You may be guided to something far better that you cannot yet see.

Bear in mind that many of these warning signs could just be a normal part of life. It’s when you frequently experience one or the other, or when that nagging feeling inside keeps telling you to notice them – that is when you want to consider that the universe is sending you a message and begging you to pay attention.

The best way to understand and interpret the signs is to meditate. When you quiet your mind from negative chatter, you tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe. It’s important to clear your mind and breathe deeply, work on building your trust and belief that guidance is yours whenever you ask for it.

Rather than feel afraid of the warnings, embrace what they are really pointing you towards – a more positive, clear, love-filled life experience. If you are not sure what the sign was trying to communicate, meditate and ask for further signs. Try to do all of this from a place of connection and not from fear.

Remember these signs are here to help you! They are sometimes quite subtle and appear as suggestions and hints from other people sent into our lives. For example –

Lucinda was unsure about which course to take at University. She had decided on journalism but something in her gut kept nagging away, telling her perhaps it wasn’t the correct choice for her. She knew that inside, what she really wanted to study was cinema, but she hadn’t dared say it aloud. Everyone in her family wanted her to be a journalist, it was the path she had always thought she would follow. At the same time, she was advertising for a new roommate. When she met Denise, she knew that she was the right match for her and her apartment. Denise turned out to be working in film; in fact she had studied the cinema course that Lucinda was secretly desperate to do. Not only that, all Denise’s friends was also beginning that course the next semester. Lucinda knew, the universe was showing her to follow her true calling by placing people in her life to reveal it to her. She changed her course and embarked on a new plan that turned out to be the best decision she ever made.

When you are working with these signs, the most important thing to remember is that we are all connected. The universe is responding to your unique vibration. Everything you need to know is already within you. The most beneficial thing you can do for your life is tune in to that connection, that deep knowing – it is who you really are.

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