12 Warning Signs The Universe Sends You

At some point in our lives, we all question whether or not we are actually following the right path. Perhaps we wonder if we have chosen the right career, location to live in or even whether or not we are with the right partner. Indecision and doubt is a normal part of life, however, sometimes we do need a bit of guidance from the Universe if we have gone off track. Learn the 12 warning signs The Universe Sends When You Are On The Wrong Path in Life.

We live in a vibrational Universe where everything and everyone is connected. You are always part of the whole, you cannot be separate from it, and you are an expression of the universe. That means that the universe is always reflecting back to us our own perspectives. These may not always be our conscious or deliberate perspectives, but our reality is a reflection of the vibration that we are giving off.

The emotions that you experience are an indication of your alignment or not. If you are feeling anxious, fearful or depressed, this is a sign that you are blocking the flow of universal energy and are resisting your own wellbeing. If you are feeling positive, creative, happy and expectant, you are in the flow of the universe and are in alignment with your desires.

So if you are confused about whether or not you are on the right path in life, all you have to do is learn to access your own guidance system. Practice checking in with your emotions and see what feels right to you. You won’t have to try very hard, the universe will already be speaking to you in its subtle way, nudging you to wake up and get back on track.

Jo Simpson reveals a wonderful example of this in her ted talk on listening to the nudges of the Universe. She discusses how she wanted to take a course in mentoring but it cost $3,500, which she didn’t have. She walked away and then changed her mind; she knew she had to do it; it was her calling.  She went back and put it on her credit card, regardless, terrified, but knowing that she was following her path. The very next day, she was told she had to cash in her shares at work because her company was being taken over.

The amount they came to? $3,500 exactly. A coincidence? Or the universe letting her know you made the right decision following her instinct.

The universe is always supportive and never fails to communicate what your higher self is really thinking about whatever obstacle you are facing.

There are twelve signs that help us to identify that we need to make some life changes.


If you are constantly feeling irritable and every tiny little thing gets on your nerves, it could be time to assess what’s happening in your life. Some level of stress goes along with life, but if you are always annoyed and obstacles seem to mount up in front of you, it could well be the universe urging you to make some changes in your life. These don’t have to be huge, perhaps it’s just a sign to address your work -life balance, rather than totally change your profession. Only you can tell what it is right for you, you have to trust your intuition.

Stress Levels

You might begin to feel as though no matter what is going on, you still feel stressed. Perhaps you cannot exactly put your finger on the cause, but you know you feel constantly stressed out. Even if things seem to be normal yet you still feel a build up of stress, it’s a good time to look at the factors that may be triggering the anxiety. If on the surface all seems fine, yet you know in your gut that something is still worrying you, it could well be that you need to change course.

Desire for Change

When you get a consistent nagging feeling that you want to change things in your life, pay attention. This is often one of the little ways that the universe communicates to us what our higher self is really desiring. A feeling of discomfort will start to creep into your thoughts and feelings and you might find yourself yearning to do something drastic or out of character. This is just your inner self, unconsciously looking for a change.

It’s always good to heed these feelings sooner rather than later, even if you can logically explain to yourself why change would be too overwhelming and unnecessary, if change is required for you to live out the best version of your life, you need not be afraid. The universe is always guiding you to the best path.

Looking for new opportunities without even realizing it.

Perhaps you recently started a new job but you still find yourself drawn to the idea of doing something totally different. Do not push these feelings away, the best thing to do is try to analyze the reasons behind them and act accordingly. You may be on the wrong path and have not quite realized it, yet your higher self (the universe) is pointing you gently in the  direction of something better. Ted talk example, she kept.

Being easily distracted.

Lots of us get distracted easily, especially in the world today with so much information at our fingertips. Procrastinating and being distracted are two different things though. If you find yourself welcoming distraction and enjoying it more than your supposed chosen profession or whatever it is, it might be time to think about changing your focus. Your true calling in life will make you feel good more often than not, even when it is challenging.

Obstacles or strange coincidences

When you are in alignment and on the right path, you are open to synchronicity and the easy flow of universal energy. When you are on the wrong path things do not feel so effortless and smooth. On the contrary you might lose a good deal, experience an accident or come across obstacles that seem to interfere with your progress. Depending on how drastic these are and most importantly, the way they make you feel, it might be the universe sending an indication that you should change tack.

Strong feelings of self-doubt

If you experience strong feelings of self-doubt about your chosen path, try to distinguish a healthy sense of humility from an instinct that you should be doing something else. Self-doubt is part of human nature in small amounts, but confidence and self belief should be prominent. If you are questioning your choices and even feeling upset or depressed about them, try imagining what it would be like to do something else. If that feeling makes your heart soar, listen to it and take action. Life is too short to be unhappy.

You spend more time alone than with others.

If you are in a state of questioning your decisions in life, you might start to isolate yourself from others. If you find yourself cancelling plans or avoiding certain people, check in with your reasons. If you are feeling uncomfortable and unconfident and therefore preferring to be alone because it’s easier, take stock of that. That way leads to depression and loneliness. We all need human interaction, even the most solitary of us. Remember that the universe is here to help, and talking to others is often a great way to gain clarity on our choices.

Gradual Loss of Interest

If you start a new job or relationship feeling excited and passionate but gradually lose interest, it may be time to let go and make a move in another direction. Life takes us through ups and downs of course, but a slow decline in interest in a short space of time is another way the universe shows us that we are headed down the wrong path. Try to tune into your inner feelings and decide whether or not this is still the right course for you.

Physical Symptoms

Our bodies and minds are 100% connected. When something is not right in our life, our bodies are a physical reflection of disharmony. This might manifest in the form of a headache, a rash, sleeplessness, or any number of minor or major symptoms. Listen with the utmost care to your body for your health is paramount to your happiness. A physical reaction to stress is not to be taken lightly, and is one of the more intense ways the universe might try to get the message acros that its time to change your perspective.

Lack of Clarity

The feeling of clarity is a strong, positive emotion and is connected to being in alignment with the universe. When you feel sure of what you want, you know inside you are doing the right thing and with that comes a calm confidence. If you are on the wrong path in life, you would feel the exact opposite. You might be frequently late, forget things or just suffer from a muddled, foggy mind. The universe wants you to clear the clutter internally and make space for the right decisions to guide you.


This is the most striking sign of all, because it never fails to tell the truth. What your inner voice or gut feeling is communicating, is most likely what you need to hear. Your instincts are an instant connection between you and your higher self. Do not ignore your gut feeling, it is there because it wants what’s best for you. Listen to your intuition, and explore what is behind the feeling there. That is the real guidance and it’s right within you all the time.

The universe never fails to speak to us, the question is, are you listening? If you want to know what to look out for, read here about other ways the universe tries to pass on messages to us, through sacred signs.

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