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Have you ever thought about what synchronicity really means and why it happens? We live in a vibrational universe where everything is connected. There is a lot more around you that is unseen, than is seen. The life you have known growing up with everything you have ever seen, touched, heard, tasted and smelled, is only a tiny part of the world. There is an entire unseen part of the universe that has always existed and you have always known it on some deep level.

We each have a non-physical or spiritual aspect of ourselves that we cannot see, something beyond our physical bodies that is forever linked to the infinite universe. Our bodies are really just extensions of the non-physical, consciousness from the universe manifesting in form. An extension of all that is, in the shape of a human body.

This spiritual part of us is communicating all the time with the rest of the Universe, and is connected on a profound level to everything else in existence. This consciousness draws back to us vibrational matches into our physical lives, depending on the frequency we are transmitting.

As everything is interconnected in this universe, every moment and action of our lives is linked. From the past, to the present and future – nothing that happens, happens without connection. It does not matter how mundane and miniscule or how enormous, every action you make creates a ripple in the rest of the Universe. You are unconsciously communicating your thoughts to others.

Synchronicity is the Law of Unity. This means that there is never any separation. You are in absolute harmony with the Universe, expanding together. What is outside of you and what is within you is related. We are all linked, to each other and to everything that happens.

There is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything that happens happens for a reason, and that reason is connected to your alignment and individual frequency.

Have you ever had one of those perfect days where everything just seems to slot into place and run smoothly? Equally have you ever had one of those bad periods where a lot of strange coincidences seem to appear in your life? Do not dismiss these “coincidences” as casual, random events. This is the Universe sending you a message.

Remember that old phrase “when the student is ready, the master will appear?” You can apply that to this understanding of synchronicity. If you are living a life of alignment, thinking and feeling from a place of happiness and gratitude and enjoying the idea of having your goals and dreams in your life as manifestations, you will find yourself in the right place at the right time. You will be like a channel for universal energy, for synchronicities to occur.

When two people get brought together for example, they are on the same frequency. When you meet someone you really click with, it is a reflection of your vibration and theirs matching.

Think of it as a little wink from the universe, signifying something deeper here for your life.

Famous psychologist, Carl Jung coined the phrase synchronicity. He described it as the appearance of “meaningful coincidences” in your life that seem random, unlikely but often just what you needed. He explained them by the phenomenon of energy. Everything that happens, happens in vibration before it comes into your physical experience.

Instead of going through your life thinking everything that happens is random and without meaning, you can find comfort in knowing that the universe is translating back to you the dominant vibration that you are giving off. It is showing you a sign of your connectedness and intuition.

When something “coincidental” happens, like you bump into someone you haven’t seen in years, the universe is telling you something, showing you that there is something more for you here in this meeting with this specific person to explore.

If this all sounds a bit bizarre to you, remember that is also normal. We have been taught for so long that reality is fixed and happens to us, rather than being something that we create. You have to open your mind up to the possibility that everything is happening for you and then your perception of coincidences and synchronicities will change. At some point you will no longer question any of the signs and messages you receive. It will seem too personal and magical to brush aside or ignore.

If you are wondering if you have ever received any of these winks and signs from the universe, here are seven of the most common synchronistic ways the universe communicates to us.

  1. You think of someone who then just happens to call, sends you a text message or even appears right afterwards. This is a synchronicity that happens to many of us and is often just regarded as an amazing coincidence. Perhaps you are just thinking of someone and they call, or vice versa. You find yourself thinking of someone and receive a message from him or her. When you think of the energetic connections that we all have to everything, of course it is normal for us to be able to pick up on others thoughts or intentions, even though they are far away and unseen.
  2. You decide to select a new movie or TV series to watch and gradually realize how deeply the story resonates with you. It’s as though you’re literally watching your own life unfold on screen. You connect on all levels with the story because it is something you have lived through in your own life.
  3. You are on public transport or in a public place like the park, and you overhear an entire conversation that is an exact reflection of a topic or problem you have been experiencing in your life. Why are those people talking about something you have been wondering about right next to you? These kind of instances are clear signs of energy working to bring you vibrational matches. Perhaps you will find comfort, knowing you are not alone in tackling this problem, or you will hear a solution.
  4. Have you ever been looking for something to help you with a problem and quite by magic it seems to jump out at you? A product or something similar that is exactly what you require can sometimes just appear before your eyes, right when you least expect it. Not something that a salesperson tells you to purchase, but something you didn’t even know to look for.
  5. The people you need appear with solutions in your life. Perhaps you have been pondering an issue with your business, and suddenly, the perfect person is delivered to you with the skills and ability to help you out. Perhaps you have been secretly coveting an expensive online course to help further your knowledge of your chosen field, and all of a sudden there is a 50% discount offered, and it’s the perfect timing for you to take part.
  6. Receiving an inspiring message right when you really need it. We all have bad days, but how much nicer is it to receive a warm, uplifting message from someone who doesn’t even know you were in the dumps? Maybe you are just feeling particularly low or uninspired by life and a random stranger or child gives you a compliment. Or your friend emails you a motivational quote, right when you could really use it. These are all instances where the universe is reminding you of its unconditional support and love for you. These messages may even come in the form of a song or a phrase you over hear from somebody else. Pay attention and trust it’s a message intended only for you.
  7. Seeing magical numbers. When you start seeing divine number sequences, such as 11.11 or 12.12 or 444 or any arrangement of master numbers or angel numbers, realize that they are there for a reason too. You might see them on clocks, phones, car dashboards, receipts or license plates. When you see these numbers it’s a wonderful opportunity to check in with yourself and assess whether you are thinking positively and taking inspired action in alignment with your highest goals. These numbers represent divine alignment, they are here to express to you that you are on the right path and to continue with faith and trust in the universe.

Pay attention to the universe, it is supporting you at all times and reflecting back to you the deepest expression of who you are in every moment.

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