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Many people think that they understand how to use the Law of Attraction or Manifestation Magic but soon get frustrated at their lack of results. The good news is, the Law of Attraction is not complicated; in fact it is the most straightforward, simple and accessible concept in the universe. All you have to do is understand some of the misconceptions that abound, surrounding manifestation and learn to access the full power and capability of your own mind.

Let’s explore some of the key reasons behind why you might be getting frustrated with your lack of success using the Law of Attraction and how you can tap into the universal law and start seeing the results you crave in your life in 24 hours or less.

Firstly, one of the largest misconceptions about the Law of Attraction is that you have to work hard to create (manifest) something that DOES NOT YET EXIST and draw it into your life. The truth is that everything ALREADY EXISTS and hard work and action are not the primary forces at work in making things happen, the power behind manifestation is vibration and matching frequencies.

The essential force behind the Law of Attraction is energy. Remember that the entire universe is made up of energy. Energy and vibrational frequency are the building blocks of literally everything that exists. Albert Einstein taught us that if we match the frequency of the reality we wish to attract, we would receive it.

Einstein also said that time is not linear, it is in fact an illusion – a manmade construct to help us make sense of our world and the realities we live within it. Time is infinite and exists all at once. The universe is vibrating matter and therefore everything is connected. Everything we are and everything we see is made up of the same essence – consciousness, energy, and God force- whatever you choose to call it. When you grasp that as a concept, you can easily see how what you desire is already present. What you have to do is figure out how to harmonize with it on the same frequency!

So, if everything you desire already exists in the form of vibration, how do you draw its presence into your life? If everything you want is already here, why can’t you see it? The main obstacle to manifesting your desires is the resistance you have in your own mind. You might be thinking, “but I want these things so badly! How can my own mind be stopping them from coming?”

The answer is that our brains are complicated organs and we have built up years of negative mind chatter and preconceptions of life that do not serve us positively.

The solution? Learn to quiet your mind. Meditation is a wonderful way to achieve a sense of calm. Bear in mind that our brains are busy processing information all the time. In fact, in just one second, our brains process 11 million pieces of information. Imagine exactly what that means during one single day of your life. All the stimuli entering your consciousness from emails, social media feeds, television, conversations, billboards, images etc. No wonder that the small part of your brain focused on your desires gets a bit lost within that sea of information.

The best way to get hold of your own brain is to train it to be calm. Quiet down all that extra noise by practicing meditation and learning how to hold your center, even in the midst of stress and disruption.

There are different methods of meditation and everyone is unique when it comes to what works best for them. If you are unfamiliar or put off by the idea of meditating – don’t be.  All you have to do is start small and simple. Carve out ten extra minutes of your day, preferably in the morning, where you sit quietly and just concentrate on your own breathing.

You will discover that turning your attention to your breath is a fast-track method to calm your brain. Even if it is hard for you to switch off, just the act of breathing deeply is proven to slow your pulse and calm your entire body.

This is not about trying to control your mind (that’s impossible). You cannot force yourself to stop thinking about something; all you do is think about it more! Instead what really works is to quiet all that noise by focusing on something else – i.e. breathing.

An alternative would be to take some time in nature, if possible, and focus for ten minutes on one specific thing like a flower or leaf. Just sit quietly, with an intention to focus calmly on that one point for as long as you can, with your eyes open. What this does is it calms the mind without you consciously thinking about the mind.

The act of stillness raises awareness within you that will last, the more you practice it the easier it will become. Like the brain, our eyes are also processing information at an extraordinary rate. When you choose your focus consciously, you are helping your eyes as a source of energy to choose what they filter.

Meditation causes us to slow down and connect with the energy of everything that is around us. When you practice this calm state, you will begin to feel that resonance with the universe, which in turn will help you to understand that what you want already exists. It is from this blissful place of connection that manifestations will flow.

The missing ingredient between asking for what you want and receiving it, is BELIEF.When you believe that it already exists and you match the frequency of it, it will come.

Let’s say you are wishing for your dream house. The house already exists, either it is already built or the land it will be built on exists, as do the raw materials from which it will be made. It is out there; your task is to believe it. The same applies for literally anything, be it a soul mate, a job, a huge amount of money, a baby, a prize, anything at all!

So, in short, believe that what you want exists and find the frequency of it through quieting your mind and feeling and imagining that you what you desire is already yours.

There is no need for you to think things have to take a long time to come. Many people are so set in their ways of thinking, believing that it’s impossible to reach their dreams without years of blood, sweat and tears. We spend time complaining and worrying when all that does is guarantee we remain in a place of complaining and worrying. Nothing can ever change when all we do is accentuate the same vibration of worry and fear.

The truth is, it’s as easy and can be as fast as switching your radio dial from 95.3 FM to 108.8 AM. When you learn how to tune your own vibrational frequency, you can receive your desires just as instantly. Get in alignment with the presence of what you desire and quit talking about the absence of it. Energy is fuelled by thought, which is created by focus. Get control of your focus by amplifying the positive in your life and by talking about that which you WANT and FEEL the POSSIBILITY of everything.

You can manifest what you want as fast as you BELIEVE is possible. Remember that saying “I’ll believe it when I see it?” Flip that around and say, “When I believe it, I’ll see it.” You have the control.

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